Pastoral care is at the heart of all that we do in the school because we regard it as integral to a successful school.

Our aim is that, by the time they leave, all pupils should be well adjusted, rounded and confident individuals. The school is open and welcoming to pupils and parents and all pupils are valued and known as individuals.

Form Teachers have the day to day responsibility for the welfare of pupils in their forms and they monitor pupil progress by taking account of what is happening in a pupil's life. Additionally, all pupils and staff belong to one of five houses which allow for the vertical integration of pupils and the House Leaders, in particular, become important people in helping to shape and guide the pupils out of the classroom.

The houses meet together most weeks and there are regular Inter House events and challenges, including whole house days. Older pupils are encouraged to support and help the younger and these events help pupils to develop their social skills, confidence, independence and the ability to work and play harmoniously together.

We want our pupils to be caring and considerate of others and to respect fellow pupils and staff alike. A whole school PSHE programme includes a variety of developmental issues and Assemblies during the week both underpin the school’s ethos and celebrate pupil success. The school has a team of nurses who administer to the pupils day to day ailments and maintain an overview of the pupils' health and physical development.

We have a positive rewards system through which pupils earn Merits towards certificates at different levels and they can become Star of the Week or Term. We consider that behavioural mistakes are learning opportunities.