Colour: Green

Logo: Dragon

House Leader: Mrs Gail Williams,

Deputy Leaders: Mrs Cara Palfrey,  Mrs Joy Walker

Named after Amna  Mahmoud Al Jaidah who was a pioneer of education for girls in Qatar.


Colour: Red

Logo: Eagle

House Leader: Miss Molly Metcalfe

Deputy Leader: Miss Beth Freeman

Named after British actor Jeremy Irons (voice of Scar in Lion King film among other things) who is an Old Shirburnian.


Colour: Purple

Logo: Jaguar

House Leader: Miss  Jade Pooley

Deputy Leader: Mrs Michelle Fleming

Named after Sheikh Jassim Bin Mohammed Bin Thani who was the founder of the modern state of Qatar.


Colour: Yellow

Logo: Lion

House Leader: Mrs  Jo Gough

Deputy Leader: Mrs Evelyn Biggins

Named after John Cowper Powys who, as well as being another Old Shirburnian, was a poet and author.


Colour: Blue

Logo: Shark

House Leader: Mr Rob Sekldon

Deputy Leader: Mrs Becky Littlewood

Named after another Old Shirburnian, Lord Sheppard  who was captain of England’s Cricket team in the 1950s and also Bishop of Liverpool.

Inter House Programme Spring Term

House Events

House Lego Day
House “Trashion” Show