Dear Parents

Welcome to the website of Sherborne Qatar. Sherborne Qatar consists of two English speaking schools – Sherborne Qatar School for pupils aged 11 to 18 and Sherborne Qatar Preparatory School, for pupils aged 3 to 11.

Both schools aim to provide a wide and stimulating curriculum for all of its pupils, whatever their nationality. However, many schools will say this on their websites, so what makes Sherborne Qatar different and what makes ours the schools of choice in Qatar?

Everything we do at both Sherborne Qatar Schools is underpinned by shared and agreed values, which are Respect, Honesty, Kindness, Perseverance, Teamwork and Responsibility.

These values are supported by a strong commitment to charity and service, not just donating to a nominated charity but getting involved in, and understanding the role of the charitable organisation. Over the last three years we have established strong relationships with two Qatar Foundation charities, Education Above All and Reach Out to Asia.

Sherborne Qatar receives enviable support from Sherborne School in the UK, a school that was established under Royal Charter in 1550 and where education has continued uninterrupted ever since. Sherborne UK has a wealth of experience and knowledge from which the Sherborne Qatar Schools have already benefitted and will continue to benefit in the coming years.

As you would expect, both Sherborne Qatar Schools have all the technology and resources required to be successful in the modern educational world, but it is my belief that no amount of technology or resources can replace an enthusiastic and motivated teacher. Successful teaching can only happen when there is a positive, emotional relationship between the teacher and the learner. This cannot happen with a computer; you need a committed and talented teaching staff.

Therefore, to be successful we must employ and retain highly trained, knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers. All of our teachers come from either the UK or Ireland and hold degrees and teaching qualifications from top universities. It is my role, as Principal of Sherborne Qatar to empower the Headmasters to lead their respective school and provide the systems and resources to allow the teachers to inspire and teach your children to learn.

As a group of schools we believe in a holistic approach to learning; skills and morals can be learnt in playgrounds, in music concerts, on sports pitches as well as in the classroom. We have a strong pastoral system within each school and encourage participation in sports, arts and music through a competitive house system. Both schools have exciting and varied enrichment programmes that include musical, sporting, artistic and academic activities, ensuring all pupils are able to extend their learning beyond the classroom. This approach to education not only allows us to support the most academically talented pupils and encourages them to achieve the highest possible grades in their public examinations but also allows us to nurture the talents of pupils whose skills lie in other areas of the curriculum. One model does not fit all, and we are able to tailor the education we offer to suit the needs of the individual child.

At Sherborne Qatar we encourage our teachers to teach so that our pupils can learn. I am not talking about preparation for tests, but about allowing our pupils to truly understand and enjoy their curriculum. We do assess pupils’ progress on a regular basis and work towards Key Stage SATs in the Prep School and IGCSE’s and A Levels at Sherborne Qatar but these examinations should not be the only measure of a child’s success whilst they are at school.

Examination results do not tell the full story; they do not tell me which pupils have taken these tests in a second or even third language or which pupil has achieved more than they believed possible. They do not tell me which child has played their first match for the school team or enjoyed a successful house competition. They do not tell me who has learnt a musical instrument or learnt to recite a poem by heart. They do not inform us who has helped and enjoyed playing with their friends, or who simply has a great smile.

Our pupils benefit from small class sizes, which enable us to create learning environments which encourage 21st Century learner. We are able to encourage our pupils to become thinkers, problem solvers, debaters, communicators and entrepreneurs, all in a classroom where they are encouraged to take chances and are allowed to make mistakes. In short we believe in ‘Education for Life’.

We follow the National Curriculum of England and Wales but we do not want to be restricted by it. We want our children to enjoy and benefit from it and to achieve this the pupils must be able to access the whole curriculum. Therefore, all pupils are assessed before being invited to join the school to ensure their spoken and written English is to the required standard. In support of the country we also offer Arabic and Islamic Studies and all of our pupils study Qatari History.

Children learn when they are happy and safe and I honestly believe that both of our schools have a culture that allows pupils to be happy in school. Add to this high quality teaching, a strong belief that values and morals are important factors in a child’s education, a strong community of parents and educators, fantastic kids and you have the recipe for a great school.

I hope you enjoy reading and looking at the websites for Sherborne Qatar School and Sherborne Qatar Prep School. If you agree with me that these are the schools of choice in Doha please do contact us and make an appointment to view the schools for yourself. You will be assured of a warm welcome.

Yours sincerely