SHERBORNE Qatar Prep School offers a supportive and inclusive learning environment, welcoming pupils with a variety of strengths and needs. Where pupils face specific challenges, we encourage them to be proactive and take risks, to learn from their mistakes, to ask for help and provide support for others.

However, teaching staff at Sherborne understand the need to be responsive to the individual learning needs of their pupils and the primary role of the Learning Intervention Department is to help them to do this as effectively as possible. The Learning Intervention Department supports pupils from all age ranges across the school. The continuity of support offered to pupils throughout their time at Sherborne enables us to know them as individuals and develop a full understanding of their strengths, difficulties and potential.

Wherever possible, the Department supports class teachers to promote inclusive teaching within the classroom. We also provide focused interventions where necessary and, after liaison with their teachers and appropriate assessments, pupils may be allocated time within the Department where they follow structured schemes tailored specifically to their needs. Some pupils come to the department in small groups, some for one-to-one lessons and some are supported in the classroom.

As well as help with phonics, literacy and numeracy skills, we also support the development of social skills, working memory and fine motor skills. Pupils and parents are encouraged to share any concerns with the Department and parents are continually informed of the progress their child is making to help ensure that he/she achieves their full potential.

Amy Bray
Head of Learning Intervention
Kate Fryer
Learning Intervention Teacher