Philip Reed
Head of Lower Key Stage 2

KEY Stage 2 covers Years 3 – 6 and the Curriculum is broad, balanced and offers pupils a wide range of learning opportunities. Years 3 – 6 broadly follow the National Curriculum for England and Wales.

Form Teachers teach the core subjects, with Maths operating in sets from Year 3, and specialist teachers extend the curriculum with Music, Modern Foreign Languages, PE and Games. Year groups also operate together for big projects, such as year group productions. The curriculum is enriched by topic themes such as the Greeks, the Victorians, Rain Forests, Survival and Space.

We also have an annual Book Week and Maths and Science days. There are also regular visits from children’s authors, guest speakers, year group musicals or plays and charity days such as Jeans for Genes and Water Aid Day.

The curriculum is further enhanced with school trips. Day trips include all the local museums and galleries and residential trips include the U11BSME Games and a Year 5 and 6 ‘outdoor pursuits’ visit to Oman to support the curriculum themes of survival and coasts.

Year 3

Ashleigh Dobinson
Year 3 Form Teacher
Gail Williams
Year 3 Form Teacher
Jenny Armstrong
Year 3 Form Teacher
Orla McGowan
Year 3 Form Teacher
Year 3 Topics    
Spring Term Where does our food come from?  
Winter Term Who would you rather be… a Spartan or an Athenian?  
Summer Term How different was life in the Stone Age when man started to farm?  

Year 4

Jade Pooley
Year 4 Form Teacher
Julie-Anne Naughton
Year 4 Form Teacher
Karen Lashley
Year 4 Form Teacher
Leanne Wood
Year 4 Form Teacher
Year 4 Topics    
Spring Term Why do animals and humans need rainforests?
(Rainforest based theme)
Which discoveries/inventions have
changed the world? (Entrepreneurs based)
Winter Term Would you prefer to be a Viking or Roman?
(Invaders based, Romans first half, Vikings second half)
Summer Term Where has your journey taken you?
(Geography based and linked to our journey as a
person using the book ‘The Miraculous
Journey of Edward Tulane)

Jo Gough
Head of Upper Key Stage 2

Year 5

Afi Ahmed
Year 5 Form Teacher
Kim McMahon
Year 5 Form Teacher
Sarah Bennett
Year 5 Form Teacher
Luke Bennett
Year 5 Form Teacher
Year 5 Topics    
Spring Term Could I Survive in Space?  
Winter Term Are humans invincible?  
Summer Term How has Australia’s location shaped it into the country it now is?  

Year 6

Andy Bray
Year 6 Form Teacher
Joanna Gilbert
Year 6 Form Teacher
Ollie Littlewood
Year 6 Form Teacher
Claire Moran
Year 6 Form Teacher
Year 6 Topics    
Spring Term How did people survive the wars?  
Winter Term What makes a business successful? How do coastlines change?
Summer Term How does Michelle Paver engage the reader? What makes London unique?