Antonia Confalone
Head of Key Stage 1

KEY Stage 1 covers Years 1 and 2 and marks a transition between EYFS and Key Stage 1 with teaching and learning gradually becoming more formal.

The Curriculum is broad, balanced and offers pupils a wide range of learning opportunities. Years 1 and 2 broadly follow the National Curriculum for England and Wales. Form Teachers teach the core subjects, with English taught in sets via Read, Write Inc. Specialist teachers extend the curriculum with Music, Modern Foreign Languages, PE and Games. Year groups also operate together for big projects, such as year group pr oductions.

The curriculum is enriched by topic themes such as Fairy Tales, Animals and Roald Dahl. We also have an annual Book Week and Maths and Science days. There are also regular visits from children’s authors, guest speakers, year group musicals or plays and charity days such as Jeans for Genesand Water Aid Day. The curriculum is further enhanced with school trips which include all the local museums and galleries.

Year 1

Colin Smyth
Year 1 Form Teacher
Amy Bray
Year 1 Form Teacher
Jessica Deane
Year 1 Form Teacher
Alison Shore
Year 1 Form Teacher
Year 1 Topics    
Spring Term What makes me, me? Do all fairytales end happily ever after?
Winter Term Are you afraid of the dark? What happens in Percy’s Park?
Summer Term Where do penguins live? What adventure can we have?
  What makes a good pet? Is there smoke without fire?

Year 2

Zahra Mohammed
Year 2 Form Teacher
Amy Nixon
Year 2 Form Teacher
Kim McMahon
Year 2 Form Teacher
Lucy McFaul
Year 2 Form Teacher
Year 2 Topics    
Spring Term Who has Walked with Giants? Could we be Heroes?
Winter Term Why is it special to be me? What would I do in a Chocolate Wonderland?
Summer Term If you won the Golden Ticket how
would you feel, who would you take?,
what would you see?