Nadia Sulaiman,
French Teacher

FRENCH is taught at Sherborne Qatar Prep School to all years from Reception to Year 6. Our aim is to deliver the basic grammar and vocabulary of the French language. Pupils who have been taught for at least two years should be able to hold a conversation with a native French speaker and have some knowledge of French culture and way of life including popular landmarks, food and traditional celebrations.

Arabic & Islamic Studies

WE teach the Arabic language from Reception to Year 6 for both native and non-native Arabic speakers, as part of the normal school curriculum. Under Ministry guidelines, a native Arabic speaker is one who holds an Arabic passport.

The Arabic programmes concentrate on developing the ability to use the language effectively for purposes of practical communication (both spoken and written), through the topic areas studied. Most importantly, pupils increase their confidence using the four language skills. It is taught through an application of the Ministry of Arabic curriculum and other required topics and techniques.

We aim to motivate pupil's learning and enhance the ability to use Arabi c to think, learn, communicate and develop critical skills. Both National and non-National Arabic pupils will gain some proficiency in the mechanics of oral and written Arabic. The Arabic program presented in defined topic areas.

These topics divided into basic and higher levels for:

  • Arabic Native Speakers
  • Arabic Non-Native Speakers
Bassam Dabhour,
Director of Arabic & Islamic Studies
Raghda Adnan, Arabic Teacher
Samia Abo Nahia,
Arabic Teacher
Suzan Saada,
Arabic/Islamic Studies Teacher